System Requirements

Hardware Requirements User Workstations

BIC Process Design and BIC Process Execution are browser-based tools and there is no need of a separate client installation. Nevertheless, there are hardware requirements for the computer which runs the web browser.



Network data rate

4 CPU cores

8 GB
(The user workstation must have
64-bit operating system to be
able to use all physical RAM)

10 Mbps or more recommended[*]

[*]Since the application content is freely defined by the authors, the size of the content can vary in a huge range. For example, using high-resolution images in diagrams heavily increases the amount of data that must be transferred to display such diagrams. Limited data rates result in longer loading times for application and content, which can result in users experiencing impaired application performance.

On user workstations with less hardware resources performance of BIC will degrade. Performance may by sufficient for limited use cases like read-only viewing.

Software Requirements User Workstations

Web Browser

Web Browser Settings


Supported: Google Chrome, Microsoft
Edge in the latest version, Mozilla
Firefox (latest ESR)
Recommended: Google Chrome

JavaScript and Cookies
activated, at least 50 MB
free memory for web

PDF Viewer
(e.g., Adobe PDF)