Model comparison

The model comparison provides a clear graphical highlight of the changes to earlier versions of a diagram. For example, compare your local workspace with the published version or compare two archived versions of the same diagram. You have the possibility to go directly to the object details and to see the individual changes.

Where can I find the model comparison?

As soon as the versions of a diagram differ, the results can be compared.

Select your diagram in the Explorer and open the Versions in the menu bar.

In this example, the diagram was selected in the public workspace. This differs from the preview and the publication. By clicking on the Compare icon in the “Publication” tab, the model comparison between the public workspace and the publication opens.

The screenshot shows the "Compare" button of a stage in the version tab.

In the model comparison, the changes and differences between the stages are listed. The following image shows which stages are compared.

Collapsed lists of changes in the versions tab are displayed here.

When and how is a symbol marked?

If you are in the model comparison, symbols can be highlighted in three different ways. In general, changes are marked by colored frames around the symbols in the editor and listed in the model comparison. The model comparison differs between the following changes:

  • Deleted: Removed elements are highlighted in red

  • Added: Added elements are highlighted in green

  • Changed: Changed elements are highlighted in yellow

This screenshot shows the lists of changes in versions tab and elements marked in the diagram.

By clicking on an element in the list, the corresponding symbol is selected in the editor if it does not belong to the removed items.

How can I see which attribute has changed?

If the model comparison lists elements within the section changed, you can open the attributes of the element by clicking on the corresponding entry.

The screenshot shows the selection of a changed element in local workspace.

The headers of the changed attributes are finally highlighted in red in this view.

The attributes tab of a modified element with highlighted attributes is displayed here.

You will see changes to diagram attributes as well as object attributes. The entry of changed diagram attributes comes first in the list of changed elements for a better differentiation. In addition, you can also differentiate the different objets based on the icon displayed to the left of their name.

This screenshot shows the list of changes for diagram and objects, illustrated by diagram or object icons.