How can I view documents contained in a diagram?

Open a diagram from the Explorer. Then, display the document view by selecting Documents from the menu bar.

The screenshot shows the "Documents" button in the menu bar.

The document view shows all documents contained in the diagram.

The document tab on the right side of the screen is displayed here.

How can I sort the document view?

In the opened document view, click on the button Switch alphabetical order to sort the documents alphabetically.

The screenshot shows the "Switch alphabetical order" button in the document tab.

How can I view documents with attachments?

In the opened document view, click the button Show only documents with attachments.

The "Show only documents with attachments" button in the document tab is displayed here.

Documents without attachments are not longer displayed in the list. To undo the selection, click the button Show only documents with attachments again.

How can I open attachments of documents?

In the document view, a document with an attachment can be identified by an additional button Show links on the right side of the entry.

The screenshot shows the "Show links" button of a document with attachment listed in the document tab.

Select the desired entry to open a list of attachments belonging to the document. You can also use the button Show links to do this. A click on a list entry starts the download of the corresponding attachment resp. the attachment opens. If there is only one attachment at the document, it is directly opened without showing the selection list.

Attachments of documents can also be displayed or accessed via chips in the profile or in the matrix view.